Lightweight steel structures

Lightweight steel structures made of galvanized steel offered by, member of the Unic Rotarex® group

Steel framing houseThere is no place in the world in which the new technologies are as encouraged as in UAE, that is why we believe that developing here the building technologies based on lightweight steel structures will revolutionize the buildings of the future.

The technologies developed by Unic Rotarex® group members in Romania, Germany, Austria, Italy and from now on also in UAE, have, by far, the best reviews by customers all over the world. We developed technologies valid in the countries with very high temperature and also in the countries with very low temperatures or very high humidity. The thermal, acoustic and fire resistant packages have very good indicators and are made with prefabricated materials, most of them can be found anywhere in the world. The structure is made of galvanized steel it is resistant, easy to transport, assemble and has high durability.

If we think that the wood is getting hard to obtain and that we make the structure material by melting the old cars, we get a double ecological effect, by transforming the recyclable material and by reducing deforestation.

Unic Rotarex® draws technical documentation trough five partner companies and two universities.

We produce structures in the production units from Romania and Germany and we hope that during next year we have a new production unit in Austria and UAE.

We assemble our structures and we also offer other construction works trough our partners from Romania, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary and starting now also from UAE.


Residential buildings

 Steel houseResidential buildings up to three floors built in very short time for very convenient prices.

Short movie showing the construction of this house in nine days with six workers.

Multilevel buildings

steel structure for five floors block We can design and produce cold formed structures for multilevel buildings up to six floors.

Erect a multilevel building in just few days!

Industrial buildings

Technologies - Unic Rotarex® steel structures for industrial buildings Industrial building for storage, production and other utilities with a free span up to 15m and free height up to 6m.

Short movie – erection in 6 days.



Design of industrial buildings steel structure Computer assisted design, according to Eurocode 3 norms.


Steel structures for industrial buildings productionThe most performant technology existing on the market available today.


Steel structures assemblingAssembling with self drilling and self tapping screws. 2D and 3D plans.


ConsultancyBy phone or written for the ones interested to use our building system.


Asembling assistanceSpecialized assistance for teaching others how to assemble our structures.


European certification

Unic Rotarex European certification done with Tuv sud Munchen

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ISO 9001 quality

ISO9001 quality for light steel structure

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Registered trademark

Unic Rotarex® trademark

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Exclusive partner in UAE

Mr. Gewan Younes

Exclusive partner in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

This person and the companies in which he is associated have exclusive right to develop and sell Unic Rotarex® products in UAE, according to CE marking (certificate no.0036-CPR-1090-1.00367.TÜV SÜD.2015.003) and ISO9001:2015 (certificate no.1210055643TMS).

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